Seven projects to strengthen the city’s science network

Seven research and innovation projects have been selected in the first grant call by the Barcelona Science Plan, which aims to strengthen the city’s science network. The grants come as part of an agreement signed with La Caixa to boost the research ecosystem and bring science closer to the public. Grants with an overall value of a million euros are available, 400,000 euros of which is being provided by La Caixa.

07/02/2020 17:13 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

One of the goals of the grants is to give something back to citizens through future municipal action based on scientific evidence obtained from the selected research projects.

In all, 57 research projects from a local and metropolitan perspective were put forward by various research centres, hospitals, universities and other entities. Seven have been chosen, involving 21 entities between them and lasting 18 months.

The projects chosen are:

In the field of ageing and quality of life:

  • MicroBioMap: studies the urban microbiome to improve quality of life.
  • AiguaBCN: the first Barcelona map on tap water quality.
  • +ÀGIL: positive ageing programme.
  • MosquitoAlertBCN: smart system to control mosquitos which transmit diseases.

In the field of mobility and respect and protection of the environment:

  • NewMob: towards healthy new sustainable urban mobility.
  • H-BCN: renewable energies on demand: when and where required,
  • Patí Científic: a citizen fleet to preserve the health of water.