Barcelona attracts over €811 million in foreign investment

Barcelona has attracted and supported over €811 million in investments in 2023, creating 1,235 jobs. This is double the figure for 2022 and three times the number of jobs created in 2019, before the pandemic. The health and life sciences sector accounts for 98.6% of the total amount invested.

01/01/2024 11:17 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

Barcelona has managed a total of 109 projects, resulting in 23 investments, of which 78% are new ventures and the rest are reinvestments by companies already present in the city and committed to continuing their growth here.

The United States, China and France are the countries with the most projects set up in 2023. According to the overall figures, 65% are companies from outside the European Union and 74% of the projects come from three sectors: technology (39.13%), business services (21.74%) and health and life sciences (13.04%). It should also be noted that this last sector accounts for 98.6% of the total amount invested.

Looking ahead to next year, Barcelona has a portfolio of 57 projects under negotiation, seven of which are already in the process of landing in the city.

The work of attracting and supporting these projects is carried out by the Directorate for International Economic Promotion and the Business Landing Service at Barcelona Activa’s Business Support Office.

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