Record figures in the sector for international tech hubs

Fourteen tech hubs were created in Catalonia in 2023, bringing the total number to 140. Some 76% of these are in Barcelona and 19% are in the metropolitan area. The sector employs 26,047 people, according to data from the Tech Hubs Overview.

14/02/2024 14:36 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The sector created 5,200 highly qualified jobs in 2023, with an estimated economic impact of 2,544 million euros.

Generative artificial intelligence was the type of technology with the biggest growth, while health was the sphere where investment grew the most.

Companies choose Barcelona for its capacity to attract multi-disciplinary talent, local talent, its business and industrial ecosystem and its location. The 22@ area is the favourite neighbourhood for companies to set up in.

The Tech Hubs Overview report was launched by Mobile World Capital Barcelona, with the collaboration of ACCIÓ, the business competitiveness agency operated by the Government of Catalonia, and the Directorate for International Economic Promotion at the City Council.


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