Talent and innovation come together at Barcelona Design Week

Annual design events combine for the first time ever as a single event, Barcelona Design Week, promoting local talent and creativity. Over 130 activities are set to fill the streets with design using the slogan ‘Revalue’, urging reflection on how to make creation and technology compatible with a sustainable and productive economy.

15/05/2018 19:53 h

Mireia Alonso

Barcelona Design Week is being held from 5 to 14 June and is a joint initiative by the Barcelona Design Centre (BCD) and the Fostering Arts and Design (FAD) association, with support from the Museu del Disseny and the Biblioteca de Clot. The event sees the annual FADFest festival become part of Barcelona Design Week. This joint effort multiplies the reach of the event to profile the social and economic importance of design.

The annual design event in the city introduces the public to proposals from the fields of architecture, fashion, graphic design, publicity, industrial design and crafts. Barcelona Design Week is also a place for young talent and the design industry to meet, acting as a gathering point for innovation with an international profile.

Revalue to design

This year’s edition proposes reflection on consumption and design through the concept of ‘revalue’, as a way of rethinking creativity and technology to combine it with an economic model which is more sustainable and less speculative. The debate aims to reach the creative thinking of designers, as well as the means of production in industry and consumption among the public.

Filling the city with design

The programme for Barcelona Design Week offers over 130 activities to get design into the neighbourhoods and boost local talent. Exhibitions and displays, awards, workshops, tastings and lectures for people to enjoy a week packed with creativity:

  • Opening conference by Humberto Campana, from Campana Brothers, one of the most prestigious and renowned international design studios and a leader in transformation and creative reinvention.
  • Exhibition ‘The Best Design of the Year’: The unmissable expo for seeing and understanding what is going on in the world of design today in all of its expressions. It features the shortlisted and prize-winning works of the awards presented by the FAD associations.
  • Barcelona Design Summit-Talks: In line with the topic of ‘Revalue’, and with the vision that design can contribute to creating a better world, two of the goals from the United Nations’ Objectives for Sustainable Development from the 2030 Agenda have been chosen as the main topics for debate and reflection: On the one hand, promoting responsible consumption and production, and on the other constructing more inclusive, safer, more resilient and more sustainable cities and communities.
  •  ‘General Rehearsal: The Rebellion of Objects’: The FAD returns with a new general rehearsal questioning citizens in order to address, through design, a topic that concerns us as a society: the lack of people’s affection and emotional ties with objects, associated with today’s production and consumption model.
  • FAD awards: Every day of the week will see the annual prize-giving of FAD awards for different categories (architecture, LAUS graphic design, industrial design, fashion, DELTA industrial design and crafts).
  • International pavilion: Exhibition of Italian design at the Palo Alto site.
  • Gràcia Design District: Open day at creative and design centres in the district.
  • Sant Antoni Design District: The Tastadisseny festival is being held inside the newly opened Mercat de Sant Antoni and is open to the general public.
  • Poblenou Design District: Activities and exhibitions in places linked to creativity and design.
  • Design with the family: Children’s workshops at the Museu del Disseny de Barcelona (DHUB).


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