The average gross salary in Barcelona in 2022 was 33,837 euros a year

The figure represents an increase of 4.7% compared to 2021, although spending power actually dropped due to inflation. The wage divide between men and women stands at 17.1%.

24/02/2024 09:41 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

According to the new report on salaries in Barcelona in 2022, published by the Municipal Data Office, the average wage among women in the city was 30,693 euros and the average wage among men was 37,006 euros, even though the gender wage divide has been reduced by eight per cent in the last decade.

The youngest age group, up to 24 years of age, with below-average wages, saw the biggest increase in salaries compared to 2021 (9.4% nominal increase), achieving a slight rise in spending power (up by 1.7%).

The average salary in Barcelona was 6.2% higher than among residents in the metropolitan area and also higher than the average for Catalonia (15.4% more) and Spain (26.4% more).

The annual report on salaries in Barcelona 2022 was compiled by the Department of Analysis at Barcelona City Council’s Municipal Data Office, based on information relating to salaries from the Ongoing Sample of Working Histories (MCVL).


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