Endolla Barcelona: Southern Europe’s largest public electromobility network

The Endolla Barcelona network currently reaches all the city’s neighbourhoods, offering a public network of a thousand recharging points supplied with 100% renewable power. The service has 3,000 active users and provides an average of 14,000 charges a month.

11/03/2024 16:05 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

Following an investment of 25 million euros through Europe’s Next Generation funding, Endolla Barcelona now has 1,000 recharging points all over the city. Anticipating the future rise in demand, the goal is to reach 3,000 recharging points in the next few years.

In the next five years, BSM is set to invest at least 15 million euros in the network. In this respect, work is already in progress to add 2,000 recharging points in BSM car parks as from next year.

More power for a quicker charge

The Endolla Barcelona electromobility network will be tripling the power at its recharging points in streets, to reach 160 kW, and doubling power to 7.4 kW at points in BSM car parks, the goal being to halve charging times. The increases will be implemented gradually over the coming months.

Battery exchange points for electric mopeds

This year will see battery exchange points for electric mopeds introduced in BSM car parks, offering ready charged batteries for users and facilitating sustainable urban mobility.

This builds on the pilot project conducted with different electric moped operators in the car parks of BSM Cotxeres de Sarrià, BSM Pl. Navas and BSM Gràcia Motos, part of the European projects of ECOSWAP by EIT Urban Mobility and eCharge4Drivers.


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