Minimum street cleaning and waste collection services in Barcelona between Sunday 24 and Friday 29 April.

Minimum service levels due to the strike called by staff from the city's street cleaning and waste collection companies between 24 and 29 April.

21/04/2022 16:23 h

Ecologia Urbana

Please be informed that, due to the strike which has been called for 24 to 29 April by staff from the street cleaning and waste collection companies, we are enable to guarantee normal cleaning and waste collection services in the city between these dates. We are also unable to guarantee the operation of the collection service for old furniture and junk. ​

The Generalitat’s Department of Work will shortly issue a statement on the minimum service levels to be provided during this period.

Barcelona City Council would like to ask city residents for their collaboration in reducing as far as possible the amount of waste produced during this time, and in ensuring the correct use of the service. We recommend that residents separate their waste into the different fractions (glass, paper and card, recyclables, organic and general waste) and deposit each fraction in the correct container, wherever possible.

The city’s green points will continue to provide a normal service during this period. To check which types of waste can be deposited there, visit the Street cleaning and Waste website.

For more information, call 010 or visit the website

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