The winners of the BCN Fem Tech prize for gender equality in the ICT Sector

The “Technovation Girls Catalunya”, “Open Data on Female Technologists in Barcelona”, “Sischain: a Sorority Blockchain” and “FIBRACAT TV” projects will receive a donation of 8,000 euros.

03/12/2021 10:08 h

Meritxell Guixà

The BCN Fem Tech prize falls within the framework of the government measure of the same name and is aimed at providing visibility, recognition and support to ICT sector projects led by women, thereby helping to combat the digital gender gap in the city.

In this first edition, the jury unanimously chose the following organisations and projects as winners in each of the categories:

  • Category A: STEM, gender and children
    Associació Espiral, Educació i Tecnologia, with the “Technovation Girls Catalunya” project
  • Category B: Data with a gender approach in the technology sector
    Associació DIGITALFEMS with the “Open Data on Female Technologists in Barcelona” project
  • Category C: Violence in networks
    Adriana Aguirre Such and Stefania-Maria Kousoula with the “Sischain: a Sorority Blockchain” project
  • Category D: Visibility of tech women in Barcelona
    Proferox Invest S.L. and Meritxell Bautista, with the “FIBRACAT TV” project.

All winning projects focus on the city of Barcelona: either for its theme, target audience or framework.

In the spring of 2022, we will invite you to an event with the four winning projects where you will be able to find out what they have done with the financial support that this award entails.

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