Building permits to hinge on stability for tenants

Property owners applying for permission to carry out major building or renovation work in blocks of homes will have to present a declaration of responsibility, making a commitment to rehouse legal tenants during the work and allow them to return when the work is completed. Measures have also been established to boost the safety of infrastructures and to install solar panels in homes.

29/06/2018 10:13 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The modification to the by-law regulating permits for building and renovation work in blocks of homes has been definitively approved by the full council. The modification adds a series of conditions for the issue of permits to prevent market abuse, combat gentrification and stop local residents from being driven out of their homes.

Owners seeking permission to renovate, conserve or demolish a home will have to present a re-housing plan with a calendar for the work, as well as tenants’ details, a report by the Municipal Housing Institute confirming the suitability of the plan and a declaration of responsibility, committing to the fulfilment of the plan.

The modification to the by-law, developed in line with the current legal framework, aims to guarantee compliance with Spanish and Catalan legislation, which recognises the right of tenants to provisional housing and to return to their home if work is carried out.

The measure comes in addition to the urban planning changes already making their way through the administrative procedure so that 30% of new-build homes and major renovation projects are set aside for protected housing and that the right to first refusal is extended citywide, giving the City Council preference in all property sales transactions.

Greater safety for major works

Permits for the construction of new buildings, major renovations and the movement of earth will also mean a subsoil auscultation plan is required to prevent subsoil movement and ensure the safety of buildings, as well as a declaration of responsibility by the project promotor making a commitment to execute the plan.

Boost for renewable energies

From now on the procedure enabling people to install small thermal panels and solar energy panels, covering surfaces of less than 7 square metres and 5 square metres respectively, will require a technical report signed by an installer, rather than a project supervised by a technician.

The change is to intended to streamline procedures and incentivise energy self-consumption, with the voluntary installation of rooftop panels to make the most of solar energy.


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