Seven families receive the keys to flats from Barcelona’s emergency housing

27/02/2024 15:38 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

Barcelona City Council, through the Barcelona Housing Consortium, has handed over the keys to emergency housing to 7 families in the city. The houses are located in the districts of Ciutat Vella (3), Horta-Guinardó (1) and Sants-Montjuïc (3).

The event, which takes place once a month, took place on Tuesday 27th February at the offices of the Municipal Institute of Housing and Renovation of Barcelona (IMHAB), on Doctor Aiguader Street, and was attended by the Housing Commissioner, Joan Ramon Riera.

In addition to completing the necessary procedures, families and beneficiaries received an orientation on coexistence and mediation.

Homes to address situations of social and economic vulnerability

Before receiving emergency housing, families must follow a series of preliminary steps, starting with scheduling an appointment at the Barcelona Housing Office and requesting the Emergency Board to assess the case and provide a report. Once all files are received, an analysis is conducted to allocate the available homes.

Social Rental Fund homes are intended for:

  • Residential exclusion households (such as those facing eviction due to rental debt, foreclosure, or settlement of mortgage debt).
  • Households with minors, the elderly, or individuals in precarious conditions of hygiene, health, or safety.

When there are more requests than available homes, the Board will allocate the housing as they are added to the Social Rental Fund until the next month’s Emergency Board meeting.

Information and regulations for the Emergency Board can be found on the Barcelona Housing Consortium’s website (CAT).

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