Advanced stage zero: new activities allowed

As from Monday, 18 May, lockdown measures in the city move onto an advanced version of stage zero. Activities now permitted include access to commercial establishments without an appointment, access to places of worship with up to a third of their capacity and greater flexibility for funerals, with up to ten people allowed to gather.

17/05/2020 19:36 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The broader version of stage zero approved by the central government was agreed with the Government of Catalonia through the office coordinating the gradual easing of lockdown. The measures come in addition to many of those in place since the start of lockdown and will apply as from Monday 18 May.

Commercial establishments of under 400 square metres

  • Access without an appointment.
  • Priority time slots for the over-65s.
  • Same safety and prevention measures in place to avoid infections.
  • Limited capacity.
  • In shopping centres, only establishments with direct outside access can open, with capacity not to exceed 30%.

See the opening conditions for commercial establishments.

Restaurants, bars and other eateries

  • Collection of takeaways.
  • Priority time slots for home deliveries for the over-65s, dependent people and other at-risk groups.
  • Same safety and prevention measures to avoid infections.
  • Opening of terraces prohibited.

See the conditions for restaurant services.

Public facilities and places where people gather

  • Library loan services to be reactivated as soon as building facilities are adapted. Check the conditions.
  • Partial activity at museums, with a third of their usual capacity. Municipal facilities will re-open to the public when they have been adapted to meet safety conditions. More information on opening conditions for museums here.
  • Places of worship can also resume their activity with a third of their usual capacity. More information here.
  • Funerals can be attended by more people, with up to ten allowed in enclosed spaces and up to fifteen in open spaces. Check the details.

Other activities

The broadening of stage zero of the lockdown exit includes other specific measures for various activities and groups, such as general work conditions, archive services and professional and federated sport. For details, check the complete regulation of the consolidated text for Order SND/388/2020 and the second section of Chapter I, articles 8 and 9, Chapter III, Chapters V to IX, articles 38 to 40 and the second additional provision of Order SND/399/2020.


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