Funeral services bolstered due to Covid-19

Funeral services in the city have been bolstered in response to the increased number of deaths and the exceptional situation generated by Covid-19. The goal is to streamline procedures, ensure services operate properly and provide support for people who have lost loved ones.

06/04/2020 18:35 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

In order to coordinate services and make funeral procedures simpler, funeral operators have been assigned to the various hospitals. Communication with families has also been strengthened so that people receive full information on pricing and procedures established during the current state of emergency.

The maximum cost for basic funerals may not exceed 2,500 euros: 1,948,10 euros as the basic price, plus 540 euros in the case of burial and 550 euros in the case of cremation. Families may also request different services at higher prices if they wish.

If there is a funeral assurance for the deceased, families are free to choose the services and products they wish to contract. If the assured capital is not all used up, families may request that the remained is returned to them.

In addition, if the volume of cremations is limited in order to guarantee service, the option of provisional burials will be offered, with the cremation to be conducted within two years at no extra cost.

Support for families

An emotional support line has been set up for families (649 756 713), with professionals from the Association of Psychologists offering support from Monday to Friday, from 9 am to 8 pm.

Religious support can also be provided via the Office for Religious Affairs.

Once the health crisis is over, the city’s cemeteries will be offering spaces for families to say farewell to their loved ones, at no additional cost.


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