Measures and limitations for renovation work on homes and commercial premises

Until now, based on the last ministerial order (SND 340/2020), of 12 April, all work in any inhabited building was prohibited, with the exception of urgent work and the supply of essential services. The current update to the measure means that as from Sunday, 3 May, work can be carried out in buildings where people are living, providing it is in delimited areas or in empty flats, to which residents do not have access.

03/05/2020 20:11 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

All the necessary conditions must be established so that work can be carried out avoiding contact between workers and residents. This means that while the work is carried out it is obligatory to:

  • Limit the circulation of workers and materials in communal areas which are not segregated and to avoid contact with residents.
  • Establish access and exit points to the property or working areas at the beginning and end of the working day.
  • Workers must adopt all hygiene measures set out by the health authorities.

Access is also allowed to communal areas of the building for occasional tasks such as connecting to network services in the building which are needed for the work to be carried out.


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