The BIT Habitat Foundation showcases health and social initiatives that provide innovative technological solutions in the fight against Covid-19

01/04/2020 10:57 h


In its commitment to fight against Covid-19, Barcelona City Council, through the BIT Habitat Foundation, , is looking for SMEs and start-ups which have solutions that have already been developed, or are about to be rolled out, which can tackle one or more of the many challenges posed by the current health crisis.

These solutions can range from manufacturing social and medical materials or equipment (masks, respirators, etc.) with 3D printers, to developing apps that provide healthcare information, creating virtual assistants, or even developing devices that help the law-enforcement authorities carry out their work.

Under the present circumstances, the challenge is to provide the conditions needed for innovative technological solutions to be developed, particularly in regard to social and healthcare needs, which can help those groups that are most vulnerable right now.

The role of the BIT Habitat Foundation is to use its own resources to help publicise and showcase the initiatives of these companies, putting them in contact with all the stakeholders in their innovation ecosystem, ensuring that the proposed solution can be implemented as soon as possible in the fight against Covid-19.

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