Viewing point in Glòries to be named after Freddie Mercury and Montserrat Caballé

The names of the Barcelona soprano and the British musician will be given to a viewing point in the district of Sant Martí. Twelve more women’s names will also be given to streets and squares following approval by the Street Naming Commission.

23/11/2023 13:55 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The Street Naming Commission has approved the creation of new names and the application of name changes for 26 streets, squares and gardens, 12 of which will be named after women. The new names and changes in the various districts are as follows:

Sant Martí

  • Mirador de Freddie Mercury i Montserrat Caballé: a new space between Carrer de Los Castillejos and Plaça de les Glòries Catalanes.

Ciutat Vella

  • Plaça dels Fotògrafs Català: in the space in Carrer de Mercaders and Carrer dels Avellà, ain the neighbourhood of Sant Pere, Santa Caterina i la Ribera. Dedicated to Pere Català Pic and his sons, Francesc and Pere Català-Roca.
  • Carrer de Maria Casas Mira: in the neighbourhood of El Raval. In memory of the chair and founder of the Associació de Veïns i Comerciants La Taula del Raval and activist for the recovery of the neighbourhood’s historical memory.


  • Plaça de Josep Fontana: in the neighbourhood of La Clota. In memory of the historian and writer, awarded the city’s gold medal.
  • Carrer de Joaquim Amat-Piniella: writer and politician.
  • Carrer de l’Olimpíada Popular: after the People’s Olympiad.
  • Carrer de Ca l’Iglésies: in the neighbourhood of La Clota, replacing the former name of Carreró de Ca l’Iglésies.


  • Carrer de Miquel Porter i Moix: in La Marina del Prat Vermell, from Carrer del Plom to Carrer del Foc, in memory of the film critic and historian.
  • Plaça de Ramon Porqueras: a new space from Carrer del Plom to Carrer d’Arnes, in memory of the trade unionist.
  • Plaça del Canal de la Infanta: new space between Carrer dels Alts Forns and Carrer de la Mare de Déu de Port.
  • Carrer de Xàtiva: between the streets of Guadalquivir and Fortuna.

Sant Andreu

  • Plaça de Nelson Mandela: between Passeig de Mollerussa and Carrer de Tàrrega, in homage to the politician and anti-apartheid figure, winner of the Nobel Peace Prize.
  • Plaça de la Lluita per les Llibertats: between the streets of Claramunt and Salomó.
  • Carrer de Donostia: the slip road from Carrer del Pare Manyanet to Carrer de Felip II.
  • Carrer de Mercè Torrents i Turmo: in the neighbourhood of La Sagrera, in memory of the composer.
  • Carrer de Lluïsa Casagemas i Coll: in the neighbourhood of La Sagrera, in memory of the composer.
  • Jardins d’Antònia Pich i Santasusanna: in the neighbourhood of La Sagrera, in memory of the pianist, violinist and music teacher.
  • Carrer de Montserrat Avilés Vila: at the prison in Trinitat Vella, where the lawyer was held prisoner.
  • Carrer de Roser Pérez Simó: at the prison in Trinitat Vella, where the psychiatrist was held prisoner.
  • Carrer de Martí Garralaga: formerly Passatge de Bofarull, in memory of the actor and singer.

Nou Barris

  • Jardins de Trinidad Gallego: between Carrer del Pintor Alsamora, Avinguda de Rio de Janeiro and Carrer d’Andreu Nin. Dedicated to this nurse, PSUC militant and founder of the Associació Les Dones del 36.


  • Carrer d‘Àgata Badia i Puigrodon: formerly Carrer de Santa Àgata.
  • Carrer de Magdalena E. Blanc: formerly Carrer de Santa Magdalena.
  • Carrer de Rosa Puig-rodon Pla: formerly Carrer de Santa Rosa.

Sarrià – Sant Gervasi

  • Passatge de Manuela Gil Llopart: formerly Passatge d’Hercegovina, marking her role in the process to give the city what is now the Parc de Montserols.
  • Plaça de l’Abat Oliba: formerly the Rotonda de Bellesguard.

Historical memory plaques and panels

The Street Naming Commission gave approval in both sessions to the following memory panels and plaques:

  • Information panel to commemorate the first demonstration in favour of sexual freedom in the Spanish state in June 1977, in the district of Ciutat Vella.
  • Information panel marking the 135th anniversary of the UGT, at Carrer de Jovellanos, 7, in the neighbourhood of El Raval.
  • Information panel in memory of the Unió de Joventuts Antifeixistes, in the neighbourhood of Bon Pastor.
  • Blue plaque for Bernardo Cortés, musician and artist, at Carrer dels Pescadors, in the neighbourhood of Barceloneta.


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