Two guides to help with the labour insertion of trans people

Trans people, particularly trans women, face more difficulties and instability when it comes to the labour market, leading to uncertainty and precariousness. Prejudice and bias which is often due to a lack of awareness can occur at any point, even starting with the recruitment process. In a move to tackle this, the Catalan Network of LGBTI Municipalities has produced two guides to help avoid adverse consequences of this nature.

02/11/2021 18:49 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The first of the guides is aimed at staff working in employment services, the goal being to make them aware of the specificity of this group and enable them to respond to their needs and requirements as suitably as possible. The goal is to help them by facilitating their employability.

The second guide seeks to make resources available for businesses and administrations to eliminate obstacles and help favour gender transition processes. The goal is to avoid situations where workers choose to give up their jobs.

The guides have been compiled by the Group for Work, Employment and Trans People from the Catalan Network of LGBTI Municipalities, made up of professionals from various spheres including employment, gender equality and LGBTI policies. Members of the trans collective were also involved in creating the guides.

Two initiatives for the labour insertion of trans people

Barcelona Activa a is carrying out various initiatives to foster the social and labour insertion of this collective, with training and support activities which have so far benefitted over 140 people.

In addition, the TransOcupació project is designed to foster the employability of trans people. The municipal agency has also backed a guide to promote and facilitate equality and diversity in the business world.



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