Pollutant vehicles down by a third in the Low Emission Zone

Journeys made by vehicles which pollute the most have been reduced since 2017, with 550,000 fewer journeys made overall. In three years, the number of vehicles without the environmental rating badge and therefore are unsuitable to circulate in the Low Emission Zone (ZBERondesBCN) has dropped from 20% to 3%, representing a volume of around 285,000 fewer journeys by vehicles without badges.

09/10/2020 14:59 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

Since the Low Emission Zone was announced, many of the most pollutant vehicles without the DGT environmental classification badge, have been replaced. In three years, the number of journeys made by pollutant cars and motorbikes has dropped by 550,000.

Regarding vehicles with the badge, the pattern shows people are purchasing vehicles which have lower emissions. In 2017, some 43% of vehicles circulating in the city had the B rating badge, which corresponds to vehicles with the highest emissions out of the various types which qualify for DGT badges. That percentage is now around 27%, representing a total of 265,000 journeys.

Over 10,000 fines since the introduction of penalties in the ZBERondesBCN

Since fines were introduced for the LEZ on 15 September, the percentage of cars and motorbikes circulating with the badge has been 1.1%. Between 1.5% and 2% of vans, heavy vehicles and collective transport have continued to circulate as a moratorium allows them to use the zone for a certain period. In almost a month, 10,761 fines have been issued.



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