Another step towards a completely sustainable bus fleet in 2024

Ecological buses continue to be added to achieve an entirely sustainable fleet by 2024. A further 69 vehicles are currently in the process of being introduced to the fleet, with 23 electric buses and 46 hybrids using electricity and compressed natural gas, while the first 8 hydrogen buses are set to arrive in the autumn. The buses with the best environmental quality will be identified by the EcoBus brand.

09/06/2021 17:35 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The plan agreed for 2020 with the Metropolitan Transport Authority to renew buses in the city and the metropolitan area, which included the acquisition of 410 ecological vehicles, culminates with the implementation and introduction of new vehicles of this type into service.

H16: the first mainline urban bus route in the Spanish state with 100% electric buses.

The new electric buses will come into service, with charging points installed at both ends of the route. The H16 crosses the city and provides service for 22,000 passengers a day.

The H2 and V15 services will be the next routes to follow suit.

First 46 hybrid buses powered by electricity and compressed natural gas

Of the 1,140 buses currently making up the fleet, 350 (31%) use hybrid drive systems, mostly diesel and electric, while 408 (36%) are powered by compressed natural gas.

The only vehicles still to come from the 2020 plan are the first 8 zero-emissions hydrogen buses, which will arrive in the autumn, when the city’s public transport system will then start using green gases.

The promotion of sustainable public transport doesn’t stop!

A new tendering process will enable 210 eco buses to be purchased, 78 of which will be 100% electric, meaning 30% of the fleet will now be sustainable.

The ultimate goal is for only electric, hybrid or natural gas buses to be circulating in the city in 2024.

Safer and more accessible fleet

The design and technology for the new vehicles are already in use in part of the fleet,  facilitating access for everybody and guaranteeing maximum safety.

The buses include two spaces for wheelchairs and ramps at the middle doors, along with buttons with braille and audio information systems.

A smart accident-prevention system also alerts drivers of possible collisions.

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