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International Car Free Day is on 22 September and we’ll be celebrating it in Via Laietana with the event “La Mercè Respira”. Via Laietana will be closed to traffic throughout the day, from 11 am to 8 pm, instead filling with life and activities for all audiences, a speaker’s corner and numerous challenges and surprises to show what a pedestrian city is like. Another notable event for European Mobility Week is Park(ing) Day, on 20 September, with over a hundred parking spaces switching cars for a wide variety of alternative uses.

12/09/2019 12:37 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

Barcelona is taking part again in European Mobility Week, which is being held from 16 to 22 September this year. The event includes an activity programme organised by the City Council in collaboration with different organisations, the goal being to improve air quality, regain public space and promote safe mobility in the city.

Sustainable mobility has become the cornerstone of demands to improve the quality of life in Barcelona, such as traffic-calming in public areas.

During European Mobility Week, efforts will be made to show how a greener, more peaceful, friendlier, safer and less polluted city would benefit all city residents.

La Mercè Respira

The week’s activity culminates on 22 September with Car Free Day, which coincides with the festivities for La Mercè for the second year running.

La Mercè Respira” will once again be a significant event during the local festival, with an educational and recreational itinerary concerning sustainable, healthy mobility in a Via Laietana closed to traffic.

Throughout the day on the Sunday of La Mercè, on 22 September, and along a street one kilometre in length, Via Laietana will become a pedestrian city with open spaces with games, brimming with activities, challenges and surprises.

There will be free bike parking (with an attendant) and the “Via Laietana Viewpoint”, a photocall where you can immortalise a car free Via Laietana on a floating pedestrian crossing!

Park(ing) Day

Another notable activity during the week, which continues to attract more interest (from 64 proposals in 2018 to 80 this year), is Park(ing) Day, an annual event held in various cities around the world, where parking spaces in public places are temporarily transformed into parks, gardens and other public spaces in a call for city models focused on people and the environment.

This year’s Park(ing) Day is being held in the city’s parking spaces on Friday 20 September and coincides with Mobility Week, the start of a week of action and the climate strike #EmergènciaClimàtica.

The event consists of 80 activities, occupying 140 parking places around all the city’s districts and covering an overall area of 1,700 square metres. Various activities, talks and workshops are planned in the spaces on the day.

You can check the programme and many other activities planned within the framework of European Mobility Week on the corresponding website.

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