Cyclable network set to grow with an additional 32.6 kilometres of bike lanes

The city’s cyclable network is set to grow with an additional 32.6 kilometres of bike lanes by 2023 and improvements to existing ones to make it easier, safer and more sustainable to get around by bike. In all, the infrastructure will cover 272 kilometres, a figure which rises to over a thousand if we include roads with speed limits of 30 km/h and street-calmed areas such as the superblocks.

09/10/2021 10:13 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

Action in major roads

  • New one-way bike lanes on road surfaces in streets such as Mallorca, Independència, Badajoz, Fabra i Puig, Escòcia and Sants.
  • Splitting of two-way lanes in Comte d’Urgell and Calàbria into four one-way lanes in these streets and in Villarroel and Viladomat.

Diagonal, Gran Via and Meridiana

Improvements to the infrastructure will continue in some of the city’s most important streets, with bike lanes to be shifted onto road surfaces in the following streets:

  • Diagonal: in the sections Pg. Gràcia – Pg. Sant Joan and Josep Pla – Badajoz, lanes will be one-way, while in the section Pius XII – Parc Cervantes the lane will be two-way.
  • Gran Via: one-way lanes in the side lanes sections Pau Claris – Marina and Pl. Espanya – Pl. Cerdà.
  • Meridiana: bike lanes on pavements in the section Mallorca-Navas to be shifted to the centre of the avenue and segregated by two rows of vegetation.

The expansion of the cyclable network comes within the context of the Barcelona Superblock plan to drive a healthier and more sustainable city, full of community life.

Urban planning projects which have been executed and which are planned, with full details on action for the cyclable network, can be found on the new interactive map.


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