Extra metro service for back-to-work activity

The metro network will have extra services for back-to-work activity. 164 trains have been in operation during morning rush hours and 149 during afternoon rush hours since 1 September, thereby advancing the supply it achieved with the start of the school year.

01/09/2021 11:48 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

In addition, two more trains will be incorporated into the L1 and L5 lines, the busiest on the metro, during rush hours, as from 13 September.

That means the network is therefore at maximum capacity and supply it can meet at these times.

The bus service will have 900 vehicles in operation during the morning rush hour, as of 13 September, the same number it had in 2020.

Resumption of service at the L4 line Trinitat Nova station

The service between the line 4 Via Júlia and Trinitat Nova metro stations was resumed today. Improvements were made to the end of the line’s manoeuvres area during the summer, to modernise the station and optimising the running of the L4 and L11 lines.

Line 11, where initiatives are being carried out to renovate the tracks, lengthen the platform and improve the facilities, will remain out of service until 12 September, when most of the work will finish.

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