Fines for the low emissions zone to apply from 15 September

The Low Emission Zone (LEZ) came into force on 1 January 2020 to reduce air pollution and the volume of traffic in the city. Fines were initially to start being given from 1 April to vehicles unsuitable to use the LEZ at the established times, but the Covid-19 health emergency meant the introduction of fines was put back. They will now start being applied from 15 September.

17/06/2020 15:06 h

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The Low Emission Zone operates from Monday to Friday, from 7 am to 8 pm (except public holidays). Vehicles without an environmental rating badge issued by the DGT are unable to circulate during these times. There are no badges for cars classified as M1 vehicles and motorcycles with L ratings. As from 15 September, vehicles circulating in the LEZ without the corresponding badge will be penalised. Fines will range from minor to serious and very serious, for sums of 100 euros upwards.

Check which badge corresponds to your vehicle according to its number plate.

What exemptions and moratoriums are there?

Extensions to moratoriums:

Until 1 April 2021:

  • Self-employed professionals using an M1 car or an L motorcycle for their professional activity and with incomes lower than two times the IPREM minimum wage index, some 15,000 euros gross a year.
  • Commercial vans classified as N1.

Until 1 July 2021:

  • Lorries (N2 and N3) and small coaches (M2).

Until 1 January 2022:

  • Buses and coaches (M3) used for collective transport.

Exemptions (until the vehicle is renewed, with registration obligatory to be able to circulate).

    • Vehicles belonging to people with reduced mobility.
    • Vehicles from the emergency services.
    • Vehicles from essential services (medical or funerary).
    • Unique vehicles: cranes, mobile radio or television units, laboratory vehicles, mobile workshops, fairground vehicles, sales and display vehicles, refrigerator lorries and cement mixers.

Special authorisations:

      • Special authorisation can be requested for vehicles without the DGT badge, entitling them to circulate for 24 hours up to a maximum of 10 days a year. Permission should be requested in advance via the website
      • People receiving medical treatment who need to use their vehicle to get to a medical centre. In this case registration is required and the necessary documentation should be provided via the website Vehicles without the badge may also circulate in a medical emergency. In this case authorisation can be requested in the three days following the infringement.


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