Ban on electric scooters and wheels on public transport to continue indefinitely

In line with the relevant transport operators, the Metropolitan Transport Authority has concluded that current regulations for electric personal mobility vehicles do not provide sufficient safety guarantees. The fine for infringing the ban is 200 euros.

20/10/2023 15:47 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The ban was introduced after an electric scooted exploded on an FGC train in November 2022.

This scenario is regarded as very unlikely but very severe if it occurs near vulnerable people, such as those with reduced mobility, children or babies, or at times when transport is very full.

During the year a working group have been analysing various measures such as limiting access times, the number of vehicles, maximum dimensions and more, but haven’t been able to establish any scenario without a significant risk factor.

The main risk is if a battery catches fire as this is the most delicate part of the vehicle. The concern is over thermal runaway, a very fast deterioration process where a series of exothermic reactions occur and generate fire, smoke, gas emissions, fragmentation and explosion.


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