Zero risks with motorbikes. Get it into your helmet!

Motorcyclists accounted for 63% of mortalities among traffic victims in 2019 (14 deaths out of a total 22). A new campaign is being launched to raise awareness among motorcyclists, based around moped sharing and using the slogan ‘Zero risks with motorbikes. Get it into your helmet!’ The regulation of shared mopeds helps reduce pollution and optimise the use of public space.

21/09/2020 14:04 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The campaign is an initiative by the City Council, the RACC and eleven moped sharing companies. The goal is to promote good practice and road safety among users and remind them that:

The regulation of moped sharing services, with over seven thousand permits distributed between the eleven operators, establishes that vehicles must be electric and not exceed 50 km/h.

The boost to this type of shared mobility helps make for a city with cleaner air and less noise, as well as optimising public space and improving safety for motorcycle traffic.


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