City children speak up for the right to equality

Nearly 650 children in their third, fourth, fifth or sixth year of primary school from 21 schools and special education centres in Barcelona took part in drafting the proclamation that rounded off the Santa Eulàlia Festivities. This year, the children stood up for diversity as the path for living in freedom and called for an end to discrimination on the grounds of gender, origin or abilities.

14/02/2024 16:01 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

This latest edition had the slogan “In the city, right to equality” and the children drafted a message about the right to equality and the possible violations of this right through activities organised around four themes: gender and sexual orientation, origin and religion, abilities and social equity.

The process included the identification of the children’s own conflicts and emotions, their ways of understanding the world around them, their demands of a fairer and more equal city for all and the ability to take decisions while strengthening their individual and collective identity.

The Children’s Proclamation began with the youngsters referring to discrimination on the grounds of gender, origin or religion.

“We have a great city
that wants to achieve equality.
The children who live here,
won’t consent to any inequality.”

The children also highlighted the importance of being tolerant and respecting everybody:

Everybody has the same rights,
and we won’t rest until they’re all respected!
We’ll speak up together, speaking out
so they hear us everywhere!

Finally, they noted the need to help, care for and respect each other, and that we need diversity to live in freedom: 

Our city needs equality.
Thinking to help and not discriminating against anybody.
To be able to live in freedom we need diversity.
And remember! We must respect, care for and love each other.

The Children’s Proclamation for the Santa Eulàlia Festivities is an educational programme to foster and promote the dissemination of children’s rights and the recognition of children as citizens with full rights, as set out in the Convention on the Rights of the Child. The work done in the classroom during the school year stimulates participation and collaboration and is a way for children to become familiar with Barcelona’s institutions.


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