City Assembly report for 2023

Representatives from the City Assembly presented their report for 2023 at April’s full council meeting, as set out in the regulations on citizen participation. The report from the city’s highest participation body, which turns 20 this year, applauds the achievement of challenges identified in previous reports, but sets out eight new areas of improvement to continue with the positive function of this body as an exercise in transparency.

26/04/2024 14:49 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The City Assembly is the highest consultative and participatory body of Barcelona City Council, made up of municipal representatives and members of the public who discuss the city’s main affairs, with commitment and joint responsibility as its constants.

The City Assembly annual report for 2023 sets out some milestones achieved and at the same time lists a series of proposal to improve its functioning:

  • Establish a constant and flowing dialogue between the City Assembly, the City Council and the city, through feedback on its conclusions. The City Assembly is still waiting for returns on its different conclusions and manifestos from 2022 and 2023, which is why it recommends that these responses are made in writing in a period no greater than two months, as set out in the regulations on citizen participation.
  • Improve the visibility and communication of the City Assembly, through a specific proposal with evaluation indicators and a review of the internal coordination circuit.
  • Improve Coordination with other sectoral and territorial boards to ensure no duplications occur.
  • Improve participation and facilitation of working groups.
  • Improve participation by municipal groups as there is still no adscription decree for councillors from the different municipal groups in this body.
  • Make the most of the impulse of Barcelona’s role as the European Capital of Democracy in 2024 and as the European Capital of Local Commerce in 2025 to increase the influence and dissemination of the City Assembly.
  • Foster parity among members of this advisory body.
  • Foster consensus on working in solidarity with and for the well-being of all citizens.

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