Homage to the architect Enric Miralles with a programme of exhibitions and activities

The Fundació Miralles is organising a programme with the support of the City Council and the Catalan government to pay tribute to Enric Miralles, one of the most outstanding figures in contemporary architecture, who passed away twenty years ago last year. ‘Miralles’ offers a programme of activities and exhibitions on the legacy the architect left for Barcelona, Catalonia and the rest of the world, exploring the different facets of his life and work.

14/04/2021 16:54 h

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This homage prioritises the documents and materials which Enric Miralles produced in his lifetime, some of them never previously shown and taken from the archive for the first time. The programme is being offered at various places in the city, at different times in the year, and is accessible for everybody.

  • Saló del Tinell. The exhibition ‘Miralles. A quarts de quatre…’ centres on four projects which were built and became examples of modern European architecture, representing milestones in the architect’s life: the cemetery in Igualada (1985-1991), the sports hall in Huesca (1994), the Santa Caterina market in Barcelona (1997) and the new Scottish parliament building in Edinburgh (2004).
  • Arts Santa Mònica. The exhibition ‘Miralles. Photos & Collages’ features photos and collages of family and work-related travel.
  • Fundació Enric Miralles. The exhibition ‘Miralles. To be continued…’ shows the architect’s work in the last twenty years of his life from his studio Miralles Tagliabue EMBT, with a selection of scale models, sketches, photos and correspondence.
  • Disseny Hub. The exhibition ‘Miralles. Perpettum Mobile’ shows his work as a designer of furniture and unusual object and plans, drawings and sketches for projects, which are being shown together for the first time.
  • Architects’ Association of Catalonia (COAC). The public lecture cycle ‘Miralles. Converses’ features various figures, teachers, professional partners, collaborators and friends who knew the architect personally or professionally.
  • Barcelona School of Architecture (ETSAB). The exhibition ‘Miralles. A l’escola’ shows the architect’s teaching work, for instance when he was a full professor at the ETSAB or his role as a professor at Harvard.

Other exhibitions and presentations will be added during the year, as part of the programme paying homage to the architect.

The ‘Miralles’ activities are being curated by Benedetta Tagliabue (Miralles Tagliabue EMBT) and Joan Roig i Duran (Batlle i Roig), and are organised by the Fundació Enric Miralles. Barcelona City Council and the Government of Catalonia are also supporting the programme through the Directorates for Presidency and Culture, and the Ministry for Territory and Sustainability, respectively, along with the Barcelona School of Architecture (ETSAB), the Architects’ Association of Catalonia (COAC) and the architects’ studio Miralles Tagliabue EMBT.

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