Work begins to draft the Local Security Plan 2024-2027

The general goal of the plan is to reduce the volume of victims, anticipate conflict and improve people’s perception of security. A preliminary project has already been carried out and now comes a period for input from municipal groups.

13/02/2024 11:20 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The plan is the tool for analysing security in the municipality, identifying the goals, available resources and action to be adopted, and planning the calendar for applying these, as well as monitoring and assessment methods.

Dynamic with ongoing improvements

The starting point is the review of previous plans, adding new measures and modifying others to adapt to the needs that arise in Barcelona and the metropolitan area.

The ultimate goals are to maintain a cohesive, safe and integrating city, ensure social harmony between city people and protect the social rights of citizens through involvement and shared responsibility.

Main areas of work

To achieve these goals, the following have been defined as the main areas of action for the Local Security Plan:

  • Institutional coordination between all administrations involved.
  • Proximity with people and the local area, with the City Police playing a key role and with an argument for a greater presence by the Civil Protection, Prevention, Fire Extinction and Rescue Service.
  • Promotion of participation as a mechanism for listening to and working with the public.
  • Ongoing improvement of tools for diagnosis, monitoring and assessment in the search for greater effectiveness and efficiency.

With nearly 600,000 journeys made every day in the Barcelona metropolitan area, the plan must also take into account the various municipalities that make up the area when it comes to public policies, and all policies which refer to security and mobility.

Main goals

  • Improve coexistence in public spaces in the city.
  • Respond to mobility in large urban areas.
  • Cut crime with the highest impact and improve the sensation of security.
  • Put the victim at the centre of police attention and include the gender perspective in security policies.
  • Consolidate support relating to cases of vulnerability.
  • Plan the city’s response to emergencies and large events.
  • Prepare the city for global security challenges.
  • Consolidate the image of Barcelona as a safe city.
  • Adopt measures to combat climate change and its effects.
  • Continue fostering transparency and access to public information.

The plan seeks to achieve these goals by boosting coordination between all those involved, and with conflict anticipation strategies and the promotion of coexistence and social behaviour. The priority will always be to find peaceful solutions to conflicts, but with authority in terms of respecting regulations and the fight against crime.

The plan will place special attention on the prevention of violence, particularly male violence towards women, and strategies to reduce the effects of the intensive use of public space, as is the case with nightlife.

Input stage

The Local Security Plan 2024-2027 also promotes public participation in policies relating to prevention and coexistence, as well as training on conflict resolution in schools, markets, residences and other places.

The plan now enters the input stage for municipal groups, with the final text to be submitted for approval by the Local Security Board.


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