No forest fires! Prevention campaign until 15 October

No fires may be lit for any purpose in any woodland areas, regardless of the presence of trees or bushes, or within 500 metres of them.

15/03/2024 10:30 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

With the arrival of spring and the lack of significant rainfall, the conditions that favour fires increase. This is even more so in a year like the present, where the drought is leaving vegetation dry and dead, meaning it burns more easily.

Because of this, the forest fire prevention campaign will be in place from 15 March to 15 October, with the following actions prohibited in woodlands and the 500 metres around them:

  • Lighting fires. Prohibitions on burning cuttings, hedges, discarded vegetation from agriculture or gardening, recreational fires (except for gas hobs, brick barbecues with fireguards in recreation areas or camping areas, or on urban plots in housing developments).
  • Throwing away cigarette butts or other lit objects.
  • Launching rockets, balloons, fireworks and other artefacts that use fire.
  • Dumping rubbish or vegetal or industrial waste of any type that could start a fire.