Proposals from municipal groups in the full council meeting of 27 October 2023

October’s full council meeting approved four proposals: one from the PP to create a non-permanent commission to look at cutting red tape; one from Junts-Trias×BCN to activate security protocols in response to terrorist threats; one from BComú urging the Mayor to take the lead in freezing ATM pricing, and one from for the ERC calling on the Spanish state to repeal some articles in the so-called ‘golden visa’ act. The proposal from VOX was rejected.

27/10/2023 14:49 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

During the executive and decision-making part of the meeting, the Partit Popular proposed the creation of a non-permanent commission to study the simplification, administrative streamlining and review of regulations to do away with redundant or unnecessary procedures and cut waiting times for citizens in access to public services. The proposal was approved with votes from Junts-Trias×BCN, the PSC and the PP, while BComú and the ERC voted against it and VOX abstained.

During the government control and proposals section of the meeting, Junts per Catalunya – Trias per Barcelona urged the municipal government to activate the established safety and prevention protocols in response to terrorist threats, in close collaboration with eth Mossos d’Esquadra police corps and the rest of the police corps, and to give the Barcelona City Police all the support and resources needed. The proposal was approved unanimously.

The proposal from VOX called on Barcelona City Council to halt all public funding which, under the pretext of international aid, could end up with organisations linked to Islamic terrorism. The Full Council rejected the proposal, with VOX and the PP voting in favour, while Junts-Trias×BCN, the PSC, BComú and the ERC voted against it.

Proposals with content for an institutional declaration

Barcelona en Comú put forward a proposal with content for an institutional declaration, urging the Mayor of Barcelona to head a freeze on ATM pricing for 2024 and the Spanish and Catalan governments to continue increasing investment in public transport. The proposal was approved unanimously with votes from all parties.

Esquerra Republicana de Catalunya also put forward content for an institutional declaration calling on the Spanish government to repeal the articles in the so-called golden visa act whereby foreigners can obtain a Spanish residency permit if they acquire a property worth 500,000 euros or more. The Full Council approved the proposal with votes from the PSC, BComú and the ERC, while the PP and VOX voted against it and Junts-Trias×BCN abstained.

Institutional declarations

Two institutional declarations were also read out in the session:

The first, to approve Barcelona City Council’s candidacy in the call for recognition and child-friendly cities by UNICEF Spain.

The second, to promote the visibility of motor neurone disease (MND) among the population and achieve full awareness of the needs of people who suffer with this disease.