Preventive measures to ensure safety during the Gràcia Festival

The Barcelona Fire Service has already started carrying out its preventive tasks on the streets and squares where the Festa Major de Gràcia will be held, with the aim of checking the firefighting equipment and reviewing safety advice with the festival organisers. The teams that will be responsible for safety during the celebrations are also being prepared, in coordination with the District Council and the police.

13/08/2019 15:02 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

Preventive tasks

The Barcelona Fire Service teams have carried out a review of the hydrants in the whole area to ensure the water supply. When an incident is detected, the water company is notified so the hydrants are operational when the festival starts.

Accessibility checks have also been done on the streets and other places where the Festa Major de Gràcia activities will be held to identify any trouble spots and locate the best access and evacuation routes in the event of an emergency.

In addition, on 5 and 14 August staff from the Eixample and Vall d’Hebron fire stations will carry out various preventive visits to the neighbourhood to spot possible interferences produced by the decorations, road closures and so on.

All these tasks are coordinated between the Barcelona Fire Service, the Guàrdia Urbana and Mossos d’Esquadra (city and Catalan police forces) and the Festa Major de Gràcia Federation, plus the popular culture and human tower commissions and groups, in order to review the various aspects of public safety and civil protection linked to the Gràcia Festival.

Festival intervention

Once the festival is under way, preventive measures are stepped up for the popular culture procession and festival “fire run”, in case there is any accident with the fireworks. This consists of a team including a light vehicle that follows the fire run (correfoc) and a back-up fire engine that would only intervene in the event of an incident.

This year the decorated streets will have one-way traffic again, with access controlled. A measure that facilitates the flow of people attending the festival, especially on the smallest streets, which get the most crowded.

In all, the Barcelona Fire Service has 101 firefighters and a minimum of two water vehicles at the six main fire stations, besides a crew at the Vallvidrera fire station and another at the Zona Franca station. In addition, the Eixample and Vall d’Hebron stations, the ones closest to Gràcia, also have an ambulance.

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