Rough sea warning

Given the weather forecast and the increase in the height of waves, the warning stage of the municipal basic emergency plan for rough seas has been activated as of 27 February. People are advised to exercise extra caution and avoid the beaches. At the same time, access to the groynes at the beach and bathing are prohibited while the red flag is in place, currently the case at all city beaches.

27/02/2023 19:15 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The City Police are on duty at the beaches, preventing people from accessing the groynes and the areas where waves break, to avoid anyone being at risk.

The rough sea warning is activated when there is a high probability of waves in excess of 2.5 metres and the coastline suffers the effects and becomes dangerous for people, and where urban furniture may be damaged.

Windsurfing and paddle surf are permitted in the pre-warning and warning stage of the municipal action plan for rough seas, under the responsibility of each individual. However, security forces may exceptionally prohibit these activities if they perceive a specific and serious risk to people’s safety.


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