More leisure, health and life in the Guineueta neighbourhood

A popular celebration was held with children’s entertainment, music, dance and a communal sausage meal to inaugurate the remodelled area between housing blocks in the Guineueta neighbourhood, now greener, safer, more accessible and recreational. The area offers a large communal space with rest and recreation areas, a children’s play area an activity circuit for the elderly.

24/02/2018 14:22 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The remodelled area is located between Via Favència, Pg. Valldaura and C/ Guineueta, and covers an area of 14,000 square metres, with a large communal area and zones reserved for the various buildings.

The communal area features various squares, a large lawn, a parterre, a garden for reflection, a children’s play area and an exercise circuit for the elderly. The space is accessible for vehicles from the emergency services.

Each building also has its own specific and semi-private space for residents from each stairwell to personalise.

More accessible spaces

The revamped space includes new urban furniture and has been paved according to accessibility, mobility and safety criteria. The new lighting also uses more sustainable LEDs.

The work, which required a 2.5 million euro investment, rounds off the third stage of the remodelling project for these spaces. The fourth and final stage is already being worked on and is expected to be executed at the start of the next term of office.