A guide to combat discrimination towards the elderly

“How to combat ageism towards the elderly” is the name of a guide produced jointly with the Associació SomSeniors and aimed at professionals and members of the public alike, offering recommendations to foster decent and respectful treatment towards the over-65s, free of stigmas.

10/05/2023 14:26 h

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Discrimination on the grounds of age can lead to the marginalisation and mistreatment of people over 65, a highly diverse group which are not always recognised or respected. Ageism diminishes their quality of life and autonomy, increases their social isolation and sense of loneliness and can affect their mental health and the risk of suffering violence and abuse.

The guide is based on research which analyses the stereotypes and stigmas linked to elderly people and concludes that action is needed to change ideas relating to ageing. This means work by administrations, organisations, the media and companies to raise public awareness.

The publication includes recommendations such as:

  • Highlighting the opportunities offered in each stage of growing old.
  • Breaking down the myth of eternal youth.
  • Taking into account the opinion of elderly people and respecting it.
  • Valuing the participation of elderly people in the family and in society.
  • Considering that elderly people can enjoy a fulfilling life like any other person.
  • Bearing in mind that elderly people can enjoy their sexuality like everybody else.
  • Fostering ongoing education and personal growth among the elderly.
  • Standing up for elderly people’s zest for life and the availability of activities and services for them to enjoy it to the full.

See the guide How to combat ageism toward the elderly.


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