A shock social plan to tackle the effects of Covid-19

The City Council has earmarked 35 million euros to respond to the socio-economic needs arising from the Covid-19 pandemic. The shock plan prioritises the fight against the housing emergency and covering basic needs.

27/10/2020 17:23 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The shock social plan includes a whole package of measures to tackle the housing emergency, guarantee that basic rights are covered, offer emotional support, tackle sexist violence, guarantee the right to care, provide support for communities in the city, promote labour insertion and guarantee the rights of children and teenagers.

The measures include an emergency social fund of 18 million euros to cover the urgent needs of 34,000 people generated by Covid-19. This aid consists of between 200 and 475 euros a month, provided through the Barcelona Solidària pre-paid card.

Other action includes extra psychological support measures, with 1.5 million euros already invested to set up the suicide prevention helpline, and the strengthening of emotional listening services for young people.

Elsewhere, the activity of the SARA to tackle male violence towards women is up by 139%, half a million euros is being used to help get people with disabilities into jobs, another half a million is being used for work plans for vulnerable people and subsidies have been awarded to social organisations working to guarantee the right to food.

The City Council is also keeping 500 special places open for homeless people at various facilities, on top of the 2,200 places which were already available in the city before Covid-19.


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