Boosting green energy at municipal sports centres

Seven municipal sports centres are to get a total of 2,267 solar panels, covering a combined surface area of 5,932,78 m2. Estimates show that the panelling should generate over 1.69 kWh a year in renewable energy, equivalent to the annual consumption of 541 homes. Opting for power generation at municipal facilities helps to reduce carbon emissions and foster energy self-sufficiency.

17/11/2023 14:43 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

A sum of 1.48 million euros is to be invested in the installation of solar panelling at seven municipal sports centres: CEM Horta, CEM Bac de Roda, CEM Júpiter, CEM Vintró Joan Alentorn, CEM Can Dragó, CEM Piscines Bernat Picornell and CEM Perill. In all, this means 2,267 panels over a combined surface area of 5,932,78 m2 and offering a nominal power rating of 1,220 KW.

Four of the seven centres, including the CEM Bac de Roda, have had solar panels working since the summer, while the others, CEM Can Dragó, Piscines Bernat Picornell and Perill are in the process of getting them up and running. In addition, CEM Horta and CEM Bac de Roda are two of the facilities with the highest power outputs in the municipal sphere, after the solar panel unit at the Fòrum.

The process is part of Barcelona City Council’s strategy to develop a democratic, fair and renewable energy model, with a clear focus on self-generation and self-consumption. The installation of solar panels not only reduces sports facilities’ dependence on the conventional power network, but also helps minimise the impact of air pollution.