Weekend: Memorial at Camp de la Bota, solidarity with the Magic Line and an art exhibition for Mobile Week

This weekend brings a ceremony for historical memory with the inauguration of an artistic wall in Plaça del Fòrum, remembering the 1,706 people executed by firing squad at Camp de la Bota between 1939 and 1952. As Mobile Week draws to an end there’s also a chance to visit an exhibition up until 16 March in which different international artists reflect on the impact the digital and technological transformation is having on today’s society. Sunday also brings the Barcelona Magic Line solidarity walk

20/02/2019 18:23 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

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A ceremony in memory of the victims of the Francoist repression at Camp de la Bota is being held in Plaça del Fòrum on Sunday at 12 noon. The ceremony will inaugurate the Parapet de les executades i executats 1939-1952, a large wall measuring 55 metres long and 3.5 metres high. The wall is the work of Francesc Abad and emulates the wall which the firing squad executions took place in front of. It bears the names and surnames of the 1,706 people shot there during the Francoist repression. An information pedestal will also be set up in Plaça del Fòrum to explain this chapter of Francoist repression.

The inauguration ceremony includes performances by Andrea Motis, Rusó Sala, Sabor de Gràcia and Brodas Bros. At the same time, the exhibition ‘El Camp de la Bota is on at the Museu d’Història de Barcelona (MUHBA) from 23 February to 17 March. This ongoing project by Francesc Abad reflects on the legacy of the past and its impact today.

Non-competitive solidarity walk for teams

Sunday morning brings the solidarity walk Magic Line 2019, a non-competitive team event where participants can choose between various routes (10, 15, 20, 25, 30 or 40 km), all ending up in Plaça de la Catedral. A total of 13,000 participants and 941 teams have signed up for this edition. The money raised will go to the Obra Social Sant Joan de Déu.

Theatre groups, drums and music will all help spur on the walkers during the event. There will also be free admission to museums such as the Fundació Miro and the MNAC, as well as a picnic zone and refreshment service at Montjuïc Castle. For more information click here.

Exhibition on the social impact of technology

The Disseny Hub Barcelona is hosting the central exhibition for Mobile Week Barcelona up until 16 March. The display reflects on the everyday relationship between human beings and technology, with ten works by international artists and four works from the guest collection for this edition, the Col·lecció BEEP d’Art Electrònic. The works can be visited seven days a week.



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