Network of young people’s facilities to be increased, bringing the total to 29

Thirteen new young people’s centres are planned for Barcelona by 2028, bringing the total number in the city to 29. The district of L’Eixample will get its first centres for children and teenagers, with five other districts doubling or tripling the number of existing facilities.

21/11/2018 19:35 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The new centres are set out in the plan for young people’s facilities and services for the period 2018-2028, which analysed data from youngsters living in the city and the needs of municipal services at a neighbourhood level. The intention is for the centres to adapt to young people’s circumstances in each area, offering a network bound together with youngsters’ work and promoting involvement by the city’s youth.

The criteria to determine the need for new facilities took into account the volume of the population between the ages of 12 and 35 in the neighbourhood, whether there was any other facility offering similar services within a radius of 600 metres, and the existing socio-economic needs of young people.

The thirteen new facilities come on top of the sixteen existing centres, which will be adopting the new model set out in the plan.

The new plan unifies two existing definitions of youth centres (casals de joves and espais joves), with a single model for facilities, which will now all be known as espai jove. The plan means the centres must all have a solid and integrating project which sets out the way each facility will operate.

Basic services at all young people’s centres are:

  • host and information service
  • meeting place
  • activities and stimulus for teenagers
  • activities and stimulus for children

Other services which facilities can offer are:

  • study support services
  • socio-cultural, educational and leisure activities
  • advice and support services
  • help with and promotion of cultural and artistic creation
  • support for youth initiatives and associations

Unique network of young people’s facilities

One of the features of the new plan is the creation of a unique network which will meet periodically and work towards the young people’s centres adopting the same criteria, having the same quality standards and pursuing coordinated work strategies.

The new plan responds to the Municipal Action Plan (PAM) 2016-2019 and the Plan for Adolescence and Youth, which includes the development of a plan to renew the previous one for these facilities, which concluded in 2015.


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