Tibidabo starts the season with new attractions

Following the winter break, the Tibidabo Amusement Park is reopening on Saturday, 2 March. This season comes with a freefall tower 52 metres high, a new attraction which is set to become one of the star rides at the park. The goal of the park is to maintain the upward trend in both visitors and income from recent years.

28/02/2024 17:01 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The freefall attraction, with an investment of 2.4 million euros, will have a capacity for 24 people, lifting them 500 metres above sea level and giving them a 360-degree view of Barcelona before they drop into the empty space below. The ride is currently being installed and will be inaugurated in the spring.

The other new features and attractions at Tibidabo will be available from 3 March, including the CreaTibi by Lego space, created by Espai Lego with the collaboration of Abacus Educació. The programme at this space is aimed at fostering scientific vocations, with decorations inspired by women’s arrival on the moon.

The horror attraction will change its name to Hotel 666 and offer a space where visitors who dare to can meet the most iconic characters at the hotel and take photos with them. This season also opens up the new viewing points created after last year’s revamp and offers a new programme of shows, with options for all audiences.

New solidarity initiatives are also being launched at the park, such as the ‘Gotes pel món’ campaign, in collaboration with the education project ‘Tu també pots’, which invites schools to put forward projects designed to improve the world. The initiative comes in addition to other solidarity and educational projects which have been held at the park for some years now, including Fisidabo and Mes de la Física.

Consolidating the growth of recent years

The park closed out 2023 with 681,000 visitors, some 10% more than in 2022, and hopes to welcome 708,000 people this year. Similarly, the number of passengers on the Cuca de Llum funicular is expected to reach 900,000. The award-winning transport system at the park is an iconic part of Tibidabo’s environmental strategy.

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