Another step in the transformation of Glòries: more public housing and facilities

The new plan for public housing and facilities on the mountainward side of the Parc de les Glòries includes 562 flats, 35% of which will be officially protected homes, along with three schools and green areas integrating the different spaces. The road tunnels will be open from September, enabling traffic to be shifted below ground and completing the transformation of the space into a green lung for public use, with priority for sustainable mobility.

14/01/2021 16:30 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

In all, 197 of the planned 562 homes will be protected. The flats will be distributed around three blocks, each with a maximum of twelve floors (ground floor included), in line with the characteristics of L’Eixample. Shops and businesses will be housed on the lower floors.

As for schools, the Escola Encants and the Escola Bresson Leonor Serrano will remain in their current locations, while the CEIP Gaia will be housed in the old umbrella factory.

The process for the plan should be concluded at the next full council meeting.

Road tunnels in the autumn

The transformation of the seaward side of the park will come once the road tunnels are open, which will also help cut noise and pollution.

The tunnel for outbound traffic is due to open in September and the inbound tunnel at the end of the year.

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