Pi i Margall set to become a green street

The street is to be transformed into a green avenue where vegetation predominates, with pedestrians, bikes and public transport getting greater priority. The transformation will also connect the Parc de la Ciutadella with Collserola. The project will have a budget of 13.6 million euros, with work due to start next June and last 17 months.

02/12/2021 18:40 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

One of the most notable changes in the project will be the elimination of asphalt, with less space for vehicles. This way, 70% of space will be for pedestrians and greenery, pavements will be wider (up to 12 metres wide at some points), and spaces will be created where people can spend time in.

In terms of mobility, priority will go to local vehicles and buses, with a speed limit of 30 km/h to apply. Going upwards there will be a lane for buses and local vehicles, along with a new segregated bike lane. Heading downwards, there will be a shared lane for buses, local vehicles and bikes. The street will also have a service lane on each side, consisting of parterres, loading/unloading areas, waste containers, bike parking and the rest of services. Bus stops will be relocated, with all existing stops to be maintained.

Better relationship with nature

The new greened up Carrer de Pi i Margall will have 142 more trees than at present, with over twenty different species. The surface with parterres and bushes will also be increased, the current 370 square metres becoming 3,270. This will provide the street with 80% shade, an essential element for coping with heatwaves. The street will also have a sustainable drainage system and soil, reusing rainwater and providing better watering conditions and air for trees.

This process to make the space more natural will help cut air pollution, CO2 greenhouse gas emissions and noise, helping to rebalance the water cycle, save energy and conserve biodiversity and urban fauna.

Neighbourhood life and local commerce will also have a central role in Pi i Margall. Four new squares will be created at the junction with C/ Sant Lluís and C/ l’Alegre de Dalt, the junction with C/ Encarnació and C/ Pau Alsina, the junction with C/ Sardenya and C/ Providència and at Pl. Joanic. In these squares, and along the whole street, 42 benches and 121 seats will be installed, with the number of pedestrian crossings also rising from 8 to 14.

The revamp to Pi i Margall corresponds to the new model for the street of the 21st century, to be rolled out citywide by the Barcelona Superblock Plan, and also to the Nature Plan 2030. The project has a budget of 13.6 million euros and is the result of a participatory process with local people, retailers and organisations. Work is due to start next June and last 17 months.