The changeover to the new Bicing service is under way

Work to install the new bike stations has begun and as early as 12 January users will be able to make their first journeys with the new bikes. Once the changeover is complete, which is scheduled for April, the new electric bike system will be added.

08/01/2019 09:40 h

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What do you need to know about the changeover?

The new website and the new version of the app show the schedule for the upgrading of the bike stations.

The app provides real-time information on available stations (for both the new and the existing service), as well as stations that are provisionally out of service.

On 12 January the new Bicing service will start with the first stations becoming operational in the district of Nou Barris.  Before then, from 8 to 12 January, only the old system will be available.

Updating user details on the website

Bicing requires its users to update their login details in their personal area on the new website, preferably before 12 January.

In the new system your username will become your email address rather than your ID number as it was in the previous system.

When you log into the new website you will find a pop-up box on the right to start the process to update your login details. This will allow you to keep using your personal area and to access the new services offered by the app.

The new Bicing service brings new advantages such asaccessing bicycles using the app and the 24-hour service.

One card, two Bicing systems

Bear in mind that although you will be able to use your existing card for both systems during the changeover period, the two services are not compatible. This means that if you pick up a bike from a station on the old system you must return it to one of the old stations. The same applies for the new system.

New user support office

The new User Support Point at C/ Calàbria, 66is only for handling administrative procedures and queries related to the new Bicing system.

The office at Pl. Pi i Sunyer 8-10 will remain open for the duration of the changeover period to handle queries related to the old system while it is still operative.

Any queries you may have during the changeover period can be made via the usual channels: the website, social media and the information phone line on 93 707 89 00.

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