The cooperative, social and solidarity economy generates 8% of jobs

08/02/2016 13:06 h

Míriam Pina García

In Barcelona there are 4,800 companies in the cooperative, social and solidarity sector, representing nearly 3% of the total number of companies in the city and accounting for 8% of jobs. These enterprises are cooperatives, worker-owned companies, integration initiatives, associations, foundations and exchange networks.

All the city’s districts have companies, initiatives and experiences of the cooperative, social and solidarity economy. The Eixample district has the highest number, with 19% of the total. This more plural and democratic way of contributing to the economy is backed by municipal government as a way of responding to the socio-economic emergency.

To strengthen this model, City Council wants to help with the creation of bodies which promote participation in public policy and foster collective input on initiatives via meetings. A group of socially responsible providers will also be set up, giving preference to companies from the social and solidarity economy as public sector suppliers.

City Council has developed a shock plan for the cooperative, social and solidarity economy, with new measures to help growth in the sector.