The first Hypatia European Science Prize recognises the career of the mathematician László Lovász

From the 23 candidates put forward, the evaluation committee has awarded the prize to Dr László Lovász in recognition of his devotion to high quality international research and the return generated for Hungarian society and the rest of the world by promoting mathematics as a scientific discipline to serve citizens.

09/12/2018 10:11 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

Dr László Lovász is the chair of the Hungarian Academy of Science and stands out for his work in the field of graph theory, combinatorics and algorithms. During his career he has received extensive recognition for promoting public acceptance of mathematics as a scientific discipline to serve society and helping foster dialogue between mathematics and a science model based on values.

The Hypatia European Science Prize is worth 30,000 euros and is part of the ‘Barcelona, City of Science’ programme, which promotes scientific research and innovation in the city. The award takes its name from the philosopher and astronomer Hypatia of Alexandria (344-415), in recognition of women’s contribution to scientific progress throughout history.


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