The future of La Magòria: facilities, housing, sports and green areas

The building will cease to be a barrier between two neighbourhoods and instead become a community hub with healthcare facilities, affordable housing, over 5,000 square metres of greenery and a large sports area. Local people had the final say on the project to transform the former train station: ‘Campus Magòria: Connecta 4’.

06/03/2020 16:16 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The site covers 20,000 square metres and will be used to boost services in the neighbourhoods of La Bordeta, Hostafrancs and La Font de la Guatlla, improving connectivity between areas historically divided by La Magòria.

Hub for sports facilities

The historical football pitch will be recovered and become the centre of the new space. A multi-purpose sports pavilion will also be built, with courts for basketball, indoor football and handball. A seven-a-side football pitch will go on top, and sixteen petanque courts will also be added.

Boost for medical care

The new Magòria site will include a convalescence hospital with 261 beds, to provide care for patients with chronic or subacute conditions, palliative and long-term care, and care for people with chronic additions.

A primary healthcare centre will also be created, offering 24-hour service 365 days a year.

Both facilities will complement the CAP Bordeta-Magòria.

Affordable housing

The Magòria site will have a block with 150 homes with affordable rents for senior citizens or people in vulnerable situations. The block will complement the housing at Can Batlló, between them totalling 441 publicly owned flats.

Over 5,000 square metres of greenery

The future Magòria will have various green spaces, such as garden areas and a rooftop with vegetation on top of the block of flats, for use by local residents.

The priority is to preserve the trees in the area, guarantee the biodiversity of Mediterranean species and aim to ensure there are spaces for sunlight and shade, offering protection from the heat of summer and the cold of winter.

A new urban plan with the details of the transformation will be created from the winning project from the ideas competition. The plan should be approved next year, with work to start in 2023.


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