The Neighbourhood Plan allocates over 21 million euros to decent-housing initiatives

The Neighbourhood Plan has allocated 21.3 million euros to housing-renovation, advice and accompaniment projects for vulnerable groups, in defence of the right to decent housing. 84% of the investment has been allocated to renovation initiatives. One of the programmes which was launched in 2018 is the subsidies one for renovating properties which, owing to their social and economic complexity, are excluded from ordinary calls for public-aid applications.

21/02/2020 13:35 h

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The purpose of the programme is to respond to the structural reasons for each building’s lack of renovation and proper maintenance. The programme provides for the possibility of subsidies of up to a hundred per cent of the cost of the work in communities finding themselves in a precarious economic situation.

Barcelona City Council has meanwhile detected properties in greater need of renovation; the programme’s expert staff have begun working with local resident communities.

The Neighbourhood Plan’s Renovation Programme has multidisciplinary teams of architects and social, expert, administrative and legal-specialist workers carrying out advisory work and revising and drafting documents, among other things, to facilitate renovation processes in the communities. These teams are currently advising and accompanying 116 local resident communities, 67 of which have already started the necessary bureaucratic procedures for applying for subsidies and carrying out a renovation project.

Other projects championing decent housing

The Neighbourhood Plan is allocating 21.3 million euros to housing projects. 84% of the total is being invested in the properties renovation programme and 16%, to the advisory services and collaborative experiences with social organisations. It has led to the launching of projects such as:

  • Creating a new housing facility in the Zona Nord, in the Nou Barris district. This is a new centre that includes a housing office, a citizen help and information office and a new energy-advice point.
  • Windows and doors renovation programme for improving the energy efficiency of dwellings in the Raval and Gòtic neighbourhoods.
  • Counselling for people in an emergency situation in the Zona Nord.
  • Accompanying local residents in the process of relocation in Bon Pastor and Trinitat Nova.
  • Collaboration with social organisations for job placements and housing access of people at risk of social emergency, under the “Teixim barri” project, renovating three dwellings in the Gòtic sud neighbourhood.

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