The new catalogue for the Municipal Archives is now available online

17/04/2015 14:21 h

Helena Mercadal

Photos, maps, posters, drawings, prints and texts. The new online catalogue for the Barcelona Municipal Archives allows professionals and the general public access to historic documents from the city.

Video ‘Online Catalogue for the Municipal Archives’

Access to the documents is open to all and free of charge, and respects data protection laws and intellectual property at all times. The Councillor for Presidency and Territory, Jordi Martí, points out that “it’s a democratising process for the municipal documents”, adding that the tool “puts the archives in the 21st century”.

All documents are thus stored in one place and share a common digital protocol, even if they are documents which are housed at other sites in the city. The digitalisation of the documents started 15 years ago, with the current system in use for the last 5 years and representing a method of high quality digital preservation. The head archivist in Barcelona, Joaquim Borràs, explains that prioritisation criteria has been established for selecting documents based on their physical condition and the importance they have for the city.

A total of 300,000 entries have been digitalised, representing almost one million images. An estimated 150,000 visual documents per year will be added to the archives. Some highly relevant documents for the city are the Agreements of the Consell de Cent, the governing institution in Barcelona from the 13th to the 18th century. For full information visit the archives web.