The SSE is being strengthened through women's leadership

Barcelona Activa’s "Construïm en femení les Altres Economies" and "Camí de la solidesa” programmes conclude with a new participation record: over six months they supported and strengthened thirteen organisations and twenty entrepreneurial projects within the Social and Solidarity Economy (SSE) framework, launched and managed mostly by women.

30/03/2018 20:08 h

Economia Social Solidaria

A new edition of Barcelona Activa’s two programmes began last October, aimed exclusively at women: “Construïm en femení les Altres Economies” [Building other economies with women] for women entrepreneurs keen to launch a new social and solidarity economy project; and “Camí de la solidesa” [Road to strength], which is aimed at projects already in progress, managed and led mostly by women, that need strengthening and whose management needs improving.


“Construïm en femení les Altres Economies”
This programme supports its participants through the business-creation process, putting customised training and advice at their disposal, as a means of getting their project off the ground. In addition, it also offers them the opportunity to share their experiences with other women entrepreneurs in the same situation, so they can create a mutual-support network.

This year’s edition, which saw twenty projects taking part, ended with the awards ceremony for the best projects with SSE business plans. The winners were as follows:

  • First prize (2,000 euros): Eba Inda Asnariz, for her “Positive Patterns” project.
 A cooperative of fashion pattern designers that focuses on offering services to sustainable, up-and-coming or km 0 fashion brands, based on an ethical manifesto.
  • Second prize (1,500 euros): Gemma Badia Masoni, for her “Medea Films” project.
 A communication and advertising agency specialising in audio-visual projects with an ethical discourse.
  • Third prize (1,000 euros): Laura García Maraña, for her “SialSIG” project.
A geographical information systems (GIS) project.

To be eligible, participants have to meet a series of requirements: they must be a woman over the age of 18 and, preferably, unemployed; and, where the project is a collective, they must be made up of women and apply a social and ecological approach with action in the territory.


“Camí de la solidesa”
This year’s edition of the programme, which is designed for companies or entities mainly made up of women who need an impetus to improve their strategy and establish themselves, saw 26 people from 13 different organisations taking part.

Participants learnt tools and resources during this six-month programme to help to strengthen their organisations and improve their management with support and training in the four key subjects for any organisation’s establishment: people, product or service, strategy and finances and economy. It was divided into the following modules:

  • Organisational models
  • Feminist leadership and caring for people
  • Marketing strategies
  • Communication strategies
  • Strategic planning
  • Feasibility model
  • Financial management
  • Financial planning

Customised support was provided by experts in the field of the Social and Solidarity Economy, who attended to the needs of the various organisations from the various headquarters of the participating entities.

This year’s “Camí de la solidesa” saw the following take part: