“The third sector is essential for the city to function”

The Fundació Formació i Treball was launched in 1992 by Càritas Diocesana de Barcelona with the goal of providing job placements for people at risk of exclusion

03/07/2018 09:49 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

With a team of 350 workers and around one hundred volunteers, the Formació i Treball Foundation has been working for a more inclusive and caring society for over twenty years.

Half of the foundation’s staff are taking part in job placement programmes. This is because its basic goal, as the director Albert Alberich explains, is to “provide job placements for people at risk of exclusion. To achieve this, training and economic activities are being developed, along with job creation”.

However, since its creation the foundation has been working on a second goal to “manage, strengthen and bring dignity to the social work offered to the most disadvantaged families”.Through the social work programmes, which cover the needs for clothes, furniture and toys, the foundation has managed to help 8,978 families, 4,000 of whom are being assisted thanks to programmes in tandem with Barcelona City Council’s Social Services.

Formació i Treball is one of the main third sector entities in the city, a sector which, according to Gerardo Pisarello, First Deputy Mayor of the City Council, “is essential for the city to function, for the economy and for employment”. For Pisarello, the foundation’s work is helping to create a “more sustainable city, where recycling, reusing and revaluing what we have is essential”.

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