Back to the alert stage of the drought protocol

The Government of Catalonia has decreed an end to the exceptional stage of the drought protocol (in place since 13 May) in the municipalities supplied by the Ter-Llobregat water system. The alert level thus drops another stage, thanks to the recovery of water levels in reservoirs, now above 38%. The current stage keeps some restrictions on the use of water but eases the measures in general.

28/06/2024 15:28 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The spring rain has boosted water levels in reservoirs by over 15%, bringing them to 38.5%. This means the protocol can drop to a level that has not been in place since November 2022. Even so, there is still a drought affecting Barcelona and people are advised to continue with measures to save water.

The change to the stage of the protocol means some changes to he measures in place in the city:

  • Watering: watering resumes in green spaces to maintain trees and vegetation. Private gardens may be watered twice a week.
  • Watering times: 8 pm to 8 am, except if using groundwater.
  • Maximum: 450 m3/ha/month.
  • Urban cleaning: carried out with the minimum volume of water needed, prioritising the use of groundwater.
  • Ornamental fountains: water jets still off. Minimum volume of safe water used to guarantee life in artificial ponds.
  • Beaches: showers to be gradually reopened at all city beaches.

Four facilities will also be operating for children and families to be able to keep fresh and cool in the summer. These are located in Canyelles, at the Parc de les Rieres d’Horta, the Canòdrom Meridiana and in Bon Pastor. All four form part of Barcelona’s  network of climate shelters.

How are municipal services applying measures?

Besides the restrictions, which can be found on the website, we need to be aware of the need to cut water consumption and not waste it in our daily routines. On this page you can find tips for saving water and cutting household consumption by up to 50%.

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